Romantic Birthday Wishes
September 2, 2015

Your partner’s birthday is the best occasion to express your deep feelings to the person you love. Send unique romantic birthday wishes and watch your boyfriend or girlfriend cry! If you are married, your husband or wife will appreciate these romantic messages on their birthday and be sure to receive something special in return. Show how much you love them on this wonderful and happy occasion by writing sweet and loving romantic wishes. You can also find short romantic messages, specially designed to fit in a short text message or SMS.

Make sure you find the appropriate present to accompany your romantic birthday wishes. Finding the best gift for your partner can be tricky as you have only once chance per year to show how much you pay attention to their wants and needs. Study your boyfriend or girlfriend behavior closely to spot any kind of hints. Wives are even better at giving away these tips as they know better than anyone what they want.

Top Romantic Birthday Wishes

  • Birthdays might come and go every year. But I will always be here to remind you of how much I love you.
  • May our home be full of love for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday honey.
  • Three little birds visited the tree in our yard this morning to wish you happy birthday!
  • My text message is short, however the love I feel for you is huge. Happy birthday sweetie.
  • I’m sending you the warmest heartfelt birthday wishes with all my heart.
  • Sweet life, that’s what sweet people deserve. Enjoy your birthday honey bunny!
  • I love you more and more every year and today it’s the perfect occasion to express my feelings once again. Jad’ore mon amour!
  • A special someone up there love you, a great guy down here cares deeply for you. All the best on your birthday.
    You make me happy. Every day I spend with you is full of joy and happiness. But today it’s your special day and I want to be the one who makes you smile again and again.
  • I miss you more than ever, I can’t describe how much it hurts that I can’t be with you on your birthday. You will be in my mind throughout the day, tomorrow and always.
  • May you receive back all the positive vibes you radiated all your life. Happy birthday my love.
  • My heart is yours, your love makes me a better person, thank you for being here with me.
  • This message goes to you. Wish you have an amazing day, because you are such an amazing person. I’m so incredibly lucky that I get to be with you every singe day of my life.
  • Wishing every present you receive today to double your joy and multiply your happiness.
  • My love will never change, no matter how many birthdays pass.
  • I have found the most loving partner, the coolest friend and the most complete love I could ever dream of.
  • Thank you for making me whole again. Happy birthday my love.
  • Take the day off cause you need a break. Let’s celebrate the most romantic birthday ever. Just you and me. What do you say?
  • A quick text message cannot describe my feelings for you and just how much I love you. But my gift can. It’s a surprise though, I won’t say a thing no matter how much you beg me 😉
  • To be totally honest with you, I can’t think of my life without you. I hope you feel the same, because I plan to spend many more birthdays by your side.
  • I bring my heart as the most precious present for your birthday. Are you willing to accept it?
  • When some one becomes one year older, he usually gets an awful lot more aware of what he wants. Perhaps now you understand how much I love you. Happy birthday on this happy moment.
  • Everywhere I look, you are there. No wonder why I’m seeing birthday cakes everywhere!

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Unique Romantic Birthday Wishes

  • Violets are blue, roses are red, I am yours. Can you be mine? I adore you!
  • It’s your birthday today, so don’t forget to make a wish. You can ask anything really. The more you want something, the more likely it will be yours. I hope you want me with all your heart!
  • Let’s take a moment during your birthday to be thankful for all the blessings in your life. Our marriage is one of them. Love you!
  • There is nothing I wish more for you than to have the chance to see me as I see you. That’s the moment you will realize how much I care for you. Happy birthday my one and only love.
  • This SMS is to tell you how much I adore you. Wish you knew how special you make me feel. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  • Is it me or the sun is shining more today than any other day of the year?
  • Mornings start with the sun rise. My days start with your eyes looking at me. Happy birthday to the best person in the entire world.
    I want you to know that regardless of what happens tomorrow, I will always be on beside you to take care of you. There is nothing to be afraid when two people who love each other come together to celebrate life.
  • You are the special someone I love the most, there is no one like you just like there is no other day like this one because it’s your birthday!
  • I hope you like my birthday card, I sent it with all my love to wish you happy birthday with the most unique way.
  • There is nothing I enjoy more than sending wishes to people I care, but your birthday wishes take my happiness bar to a whole new level.
  • Happy birthday to the person that completes me as a person. Thank you for everything.
  • My goal for this year is to be the first one to wish you happy birthday. Have I succeeded?
  • Wishing you have sweet surprises on your special day? I’ll make them happen!
  • Birthdays are cool, you know what’s cooler? Spending them with me!
  • Words are limited but my love is endless. I’m sure you feel it every day and not just on your birthday.
  • Maybe I’m not very good expressing my feelings but my love is unconditional. And I don’t negotiate the fact that we need to make a huge party for your birthday. I want to show the whole world what you mean to me.
  • I knew from the first moment I saw you that we will be spending countless birthdays together. Now you know it too. Love you!
  • Love knows no limits, no boundaries no age. That’s how I feel about you and this birthday card is designed specifically to show you all this.
  • You will never cease to fill me with happiness, I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday honey.

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Romantic Birthday Wishes for Him

  • I bring you a big box full of love, a beautiful basket decorated with love and placed inside a bucket filled with happiness. Happy birthday!
  • You drive me crazy some times but today everything is forgiven because it’s your birthday. Let’s put this all behind and have some fun, shall we?
  • I feel loved because of you. I wish your birthday is full of love as well and I pray to God to keep you healthy and blessed.
  • My soul mate, my friend, my partner. On this special day, I really wanted to remind you all the reasons I feel so amazing when I am with you.
  • Oh my dear, it’s your birthday. How quickly time passes! I guess that’s because we are having such a great time together 🙂
  • It’s a wonderful gift to share this special day with you. It’s now time for your present, hope you like it!
  • My handsome partner is turning 40 today, you look more charming and attractive than ever. Happy birthday!
  • A card full of kisses, a hug and a gift, you deserve all of these because you are my everything and today it’s your birthday. Love you!
  • My love with you is like a flower that blossomed and is now the most beautiful thing on my garden which is like our life. Happy birthday sweetie!
  • I still can’t believe we got married on your birthday, how crazy is this? You deserve a triple present because two will not be enough.
  • Live your birthday like a king, dance like a leaf falling from the tree and eat the most delicious cake ever. You totally deserve it my prince.

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Romantic Birthday Wishes for Her

  • If I had a million more lives to live, I would still choose you as my wife. Happy birthday!
  • Older but sexier, I think this is a really cool trade off, don’t you agree? Happy birthday gorgeous.
  • I wish this year be filled with success, you deserve that promotion honey.
  • I know you can do it because I married the smartest guy in the world.
  • Special birthday wishes to the VIP of my heart!
  • I met you and won the jackpot, I feel like the luckiest man on earth. Happy birthday my love!
  • A million kisses for you on your very special day. Wear your best smile because it’s your birthday.
  • My love is like a circle. It doesn’t have a start and it doesn’t have an end either. To me, everyday is like a birthday. To you, I wish you have the most amazing day ever!
  • It’s sad that circumstances didn’t allow me to be with you on your birthday. Trust me I wanted to be there more than you could imagine. At least I know this will soon change and we can be together again. This time nothing can set us apart.
  • I think of you 24/7/364. I didn’t account for today because I don’t just think about you on your birthday, I experience it like it’s my birthday too. That’s how happy I am for you!
  • Let’s celebrate your birthday with a naughty night cuddling under the sheets. We deserve some privacy, don’t you think?
  • My princess, you are the most stunning creature walking on earth. I love the way you smile when you are super happy, don’t you dare losing that ever and for any reason.
  • You may legally be my wife, but I picture myself doing crazy illegal things with you on your birthday. The choice is yours, just let me know and I’ll jump right in.
  • I’m poor in words, but rich in feelings. Happy birthday to the queen of my heart.
  • I chose these roses especially for you to mark this important milestone and celebrate your 30th birthday. The best is yet to come!
  • Wishing you a birthday full of fun and laughs, isn’t that what we all ask from this special day? Well, I’m here to make your dreams come true.
  • My queen is more adorable than a kitty, cutter than a puppy and more beautiful than a baby. Happy birthday love!
  • Loves and hugs to my birthday baby, enjoy your day to the fullest!
  • I wish God bless you to fulfill all your dreams because babe, you deserve it all.
  • You are my deepest desire, if I’m not yours, at least tell me what I can do to bring you what you wont the most.

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Romantic Birthday Wishes

Pick any of these romantic birthday wishes and surprise your loved one. You will put her in tears, set him on fire, show them what you feel when you look at them. You don’t have to tell them where you found those romantic birthday messages, but at least you can spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest and help others who are looking for cute love birthday wishes.

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