Cute Birthday Wishes
August 28, 2015

Wishing happy birthday to a special person in your life requires some thought in order to make a lasting impression. Check our exclusive list of cute birthday wishes! Pick any of the following sayings and share them with your husband, wife or friends. Get a nice birthday card and write cute birthday messages that will make them say Aaaawww! As you care for them, you need to treat them with great love on their special day. Don’t just say happy birthday, this is too plain and too simple. The special person you have in mind needs to feel that you have really thought about them on their birthday and you put the effort not only to buy them a nice present, but also wrap it up with a cute birthday card that has a sweet message written inside.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Him

  • It doesn’t matter what you will choose to do on your birthday, I’m sure it will be grant and unique because you always do cool stuff. Happy birthday!
  • Today is not just your birthday. It’s the first day of the rest of your life. I’m sure you will live it to the fullest.
  • Regardless of where you end up in life, love will still be the most important element. And you have all the love you can imagine, my unconditional love for ever and ever! Happy birthday my love.
  • Family is everything and you know we are all love you. Here’s to our beloved man, let’s make a toast for your birthday and wish you health and happiness.
  • I wish you get dozens of presents and a grant birthday party. Promise me that you won’t let the idea of aging spoil the fun.
  • Love is the greatest present, be thankful for having so much love around you on your birthday.
  • Maybe it’s true that life can be hard. But you can leave it all behind a start fresh on this special day. You know where to turn whenever you need a warm hug, right?
  • It’s your first year as a married man. I wish I find you as a father on your next birthday!
  • Let’s celebrate your birthday by embracing the unknowns that the new year will bring in your life. As long as we are together, there is nothing that frightens me.
  • Enjoy the wonderful memories of your first 35 years and start planning how to make even better days in the future.
  • You make me smile every day. I just wish I can bring laughter on your face for your birthday.
  • I never hoped to have such a wonderful husband, I’m grateful for all the years we spent together. Happy birthday honey!
  • On your birthday, I wish you nothing more than joy, love and peace. Have another wonderful year that will be marked as the best of your life.

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Cute Birthday Wishes for Her

  • Happy birthday to the most stunning and clever woman I’ve ever met. You have the deadly combo that all ladies envy, I love you so much!
  • You are sweeter than the birthday cake, and cuter than the newborn baby. What’s your trick?
  • For your special day, I’m planning something extra ordinary. Hope you like surprises!
  • I wish you have an amazing birthday and enjoy it next year with me.
  • There is nothing else I want more than spending each day of the year with you, not just your birthdays. Can I do that?
  • Just wait and see what I’ve prepared for your birthday, I’m sure you’re gonna love it. Ready?
  • Stop counting the years, and start counting God’s blessings in your life. Happy birthday sweetie!
  • You light up my life like no one else, have the most marvelous birthday ever.
  • I was trying to find the most exquisite gift for your birthday and I think I got it right this time. Can’t wait to see your face unwrapping your present. Com’on, hurry up!
  • You tried really hard to find out what I was up to planning your birthday. Now it’s time to find out. Hope you like every single moment of your special day.
  • The world became a better place when you were born (XX years ago). Today should be an official bank holiday in every single country of the world!
  • Chocolate, banana or vanilla, the cake flavor’s can never beat your sweetness. Happy birthday honey!
  • One more year, one more opportunity to celebrate life. Have a blast girl!
  • Our birthdays remind us all the reasons why we should be thankful for all the great things we have in our life. And you are the cutest thing in my life for sure!
  • My world is so much sweeter because of your cute face. I wish you all the joy the world has to offer.
  • You will be forever young, no wrinkles can ever reach your heart. Happy birthday little girl!

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Cute Birthday Wishes

Cute Birthday Wishes for Friends

  • Birthdays mark a significant milestone of accumulating wisdom and experience, not of getting older.
  • I’m really looking forward to your birthday party, you are a real party animal! Hope you like your gift.
  • I will never forget the cute times we spend together travelling. You are my best girl friend, happy birthday sweetie!
  • I missed you so much this year and I’m extremely happy you came back at least for your birthday. Your friendship means so much to me, you’re simply the best!
  • Everybody loves birthdays but you can have a life where each day you party like it’s your birthday. That’s the kind of life I wish you have my friend.
  • Words are worthless when it comes to wishing you happy birthday my friend. You know how much I care for you, I wish you have the most amazing time of your life.
  • God bless you, your wife and your family. You are the cutest group of people I’ve ever known.
  • It’s my privilege to call you friend and my honor to celebrate your birthday with you. Thanks for all the great memories we made together.
  • I wish you find all the cute little things you are looking in life. If not, you can always come to me, the cutest person on this world, LOL!
  • You are surrounded by good friends, happiness, positive vibes and lots of smiles. But what does your mother in law doing here? She will spoil the party! Just kidding, all the best on your birthday my friend.
  • I wish you immense happiness and a life full of joy, not only today but every day of your life.
  • We are all here to make your birthday a once in a life experience. Until next year, when you have an even better time!
  • The best is yet to come, look ahead and be patient for all the amazing things that God has planned for you.
  • Rejoice for all the happiness you had in your life so far. Birthdays are the perfect moment to pause and think how blessed we are.
  • I’m sorry I missed your birthday sweetie, you know how much I wanted to be there. Please accept my deepest apologies and let this gift compensate you for me not being there.

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