Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend
January 29, 2016

Are you looking for unique birthday wishes for your girlfriend? Check out hundreds of love birthday messages to text your partner. She deserves the best because she has done so much for you. It’s now time to show her how much you love her. Women have usually high expectations for their birthdays. They wish to receive expensive presents and cute birthday cards from their boyfriends. If you send her one of the following birthday wishes, I’m sure she won’t mind if you don’t buy her a luxury gift as she will be super happy to receive such a cute love quote.

We have broken down the mystery of sending birthday wishes for your girlfriend, and grouped the love birthday messages into seven distinct categories. You just have to look around and make a short list, then close your eyes, trust your instinct and write down on a sweet birthday card the message that suits your style. No matter which one you choose, I’m sure she will appreciate and will throw herself into your arms screaming aaaaaawwwwww!!!

Top Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

  • The day I met you was the second best day of my life. I reserved the number one spot for today!
  • I don’t know much about love, but I do know that loving you is easy. Happy birthday baby!
  • If loving you is a mistake, I prefer to make the biggest mistake of my life!
  • Wish you a vibrant, radiant birthday baby.
  • I promise you this is going to be the most romantic birthday you ever had!
  • Happy birthday to the queen of my life.
  • Today is a magic day, it’s the day that my favorite person in the whole world was born. Best wishes love.
  • Let us have a huge party to celebrate the birth of a truly unique person, my beloved girlfriend. Let’s party!
  • Life is about three things, sharing love, winning the heart of your loved one and celebrating your blessing. Today, we celebrate!

Birthday Wishes for your Girlfriend

Popular Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

  • Today is going to be a day to remember for the rest of your life because I have prepared the best birthday party for my lover. You ready to be amazed?
  • Your love is my one and only shelter. I wish nothing more than to be spend the rest of my life with you.
  • Happy birthday to the brightest light of my life.
  • Enjoy this special day sweetheart, you deserve the best!
  • I love you every day more and more, but today I love you even more!
  • Your birthday is my favorite day of the year, even better than my birthday because you are the most important person in my life.
  • When God created you, he must have been on fire. Look at you, you are just perfect. Happy birthday my love!

Cute Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

  • Happy birthday to a special someone who paints my entire life with bright colors.
  • My heart belongs to you, my mind is tuned to you. Happy birthday to you!
  • Falling in love with you was easy, you had me from hello. Happy birthday sweetie!
  • Though we can’t be together on this special day of the year, my thoughts are exclusively with you 24/7. Please don’t forget this.
  • If I had to this all over again, I’m sure my heart would choose you again and again and again. Truly yours, today and forever!
  • Sending you millions of hugs, billions of kisses and trillions of wishes.
  • Not a day passes without me thanking God that I found you. Today I have one more reason to thank Him even more!

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

  • Lose yourself in love like I did and on this special day travel to the most magical place, my arms! Love you honey.
  • If the end was to end tomorrow, my final wish would be to spend a whole day with you today.
  • I would rather die than to see you unhappy, I would do everything for you. Today I’ll prove it.
  • When I look into your eyes, all I see is us being together forever. Happy birthday my love, we have an awesome future ahead of us!
  • On this special occasion, I wish nothing more than to make you mine forever. Will you marry me?

Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • As a birthday gift, I’ll be your sex slave for the entire day. Use me!
  • You are the most amazing girlfriend a man can ask for, that’s why you deserve the coolest present for your birthday, a full day with me!
  • They say love is difficult, but you make even the most difficult things look easy. That’s why I love you.
  • Joy, happiness and smiles, that’s what I wish for my girlfriend on her birthday.
  • You just won the Sweetest Person of The Year Award. The ceremony is tonight, make sure you dress up!

Unique Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

  • Let me make your birthday really special. Follow me through the breeze of love and let go.
  • Last night I prayed to God to bring you all His blessings for your birthday because you have been such a blessing for me.
  • I chose you to be my partner in crime. I love you, I need you, happy birthday sweetheart!
  • You are everything I have in life, so today I celebrate with my whole heart shouting and screaming “I Love You”!

Cool Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

  • Today is not an ordinary day. Love is in the air as it’s my lover’s birthday!
  • You know I’m not good with words, but I’m the best in loving you. Happy birthday my dear!
  • Best wishes to the angel who changed my life.

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