Birthday Love Messages
July 22, 2015

Are you in love? Check out the most exclusive collection of birthday love messages ever! Find beautiful love birthday wishes and send them to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. It will make their day even more special because they come from a special someone…you! Our unique list of genuine love birthday messages are short enough so that you can fit them in SMS or a quick Facebook private message.

Top Birthday Love Messages

  • Words are worthless when I try to express my love to you. I wish you only the best, happy birthday again and again.
  • Even if I searched the entire world, I could not find a wonderful and loving person like you. Thank you for who you are, I love you with all my heart.
  • If a day goes by without showing my love to you, I feel like I failed my mission to keep you happy. So today, I’m planning to make you the happiest person on earth.
  • I smile everyday because you are by my side no matter what. I wish you the happiest birthday ever!
  • Your birthday is an important day, but for me it’s more vital that I get to spend every day with you.
  • Every year you turn more irresistible on your birthday. I just want you more today, is that such a bad thing?
    I will always hold your hand and strive to express my love to you. Not only today that it’s your birthday, but every day of the year.
  • I’m sure that you will receive many birthday messages today, but this one is from me and I hope it will the one that makes you smile more than any other.
  • Maybe we forget to express how much we love each other, now it’s time to say it out loud. I LOVE YOU!
  • On your birthday, I’m sending you millions of hugs and kisses because you are one in a million.
  • It’s awesome being married to you. Here’s to many more amazing years together.
  • You are my world, my everything. Happy birthday honey.
  • It’s always a pleasure to wish happy birthday to such a cheerful person. I love you my honey bunny.
  • Happy birthday my dearest, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!
  • Heaven lost its most stunning angel when you were born. Thank God for that!
  • I don’t need Facebook to remind me that it’s your birthday today, you are always on my mind and will always be my first priority in everything I do.
  • We have spend so many years together, I love you with all my heart, happy birthday to the love of my life.
  • You are not getting older, you are just adding more year of lovely memories with me.
  • Happy birthday to the kindest and most devoted partner anyone could ever ask for.
  • What kind of present do I get to the person who is filled with love?

Birthday Love Messages

Best Birthday Love Messages

  • Every day you give me the gift of life. Today let me give you my most precious gift, my unconditional love to you.
  • I’m so excited we are spending your birthday together one more year. I promise to make this one special.
  • When I fall in love with you I secretly wished that I would be the one who wishes you happy birthday first for the rest of your life. And yet again, my dream comes true!
  • Your smile is capable of vanishing my darkest moments. I wish you smile on your birthday more than ever before and let the sad moments behind us.
  • It’s not fun when you are not in love, but when it comes to loving YOU, then it’s the greatest feeling in the world.
  • 100 Happy Birthday Wishes
  • When we are not together, you are the first thing that comes in my mind when I get up. On your birthday I was thinking about you before I even woke up.
  • My favorite place in the whole world is sitting next to you. On your birthday, this seat looks the front row at the most exclusive theater. Thank you for reserving it for me.
  • I love you more than I loved you last year, but not as much as I will next year!
  • You were in my dreams one more time last night, and I wish I could show you the things we did together on your birthday. Let’s make it happen my lover.
  • I’m super happy that you chose to spend your special day with me, it means a lot to me.
  • I love everything about you. The way you look at me and the way you touch me. When you hold me in your arms I feel on the top of the world. On your birthday, I decided to show you just how much I love you too!
  • Being next to you is all I ever wanted, your love is God’s blessing like no other, thank you for everything.
  • My heart fills with love every time I set my eyes on you. I wish your birthday is equally filled with joy.
  • I will always love you, happy birthday my love.
  • I wish you have the most successful year of your life, don’t forget that I’m always here to support you in your every move.
  • I just want to wish you happiness, my love you deserve absolutely everything.
  • Happy birthday sweetie, I thought you should know that you are the most caring and strongest partner at the same time.
  • I’m sending you all my love with all my heart, not only for your birthday, but every day and forever.
  • It feels like yesterday when we flew to Paris (or any other city) for your birthday. Let’s go again, what do you think?
  • Close your eyes and make a wish, ask anything as long as it contains me.

Unique Birthday Love Messages

  • Your love has left me spellbound, no wonder there is not a minute I’m not thinking about you.
  • I was trying to write you a poem for your birthday, but my mind keeps thinking about your pretty face and words seem meaningless to describe your beauty.
  • Sometimes we think that we worked hard to make our marriage work. Now it’s time to appreciate the good times of our relationship and on your birthday reflect all the amazing times we had as a couple.
  • Every year, I wish on my birthday to have you by my side forever. I wish you do the same today on your special day.
  • Not a day goes by without thinking about your sweet face and how I meaningless my life would be without you. Happy birthday my love.
  • It might be easy to say I love you, but actions speak louder than words. Let me show you just how much I love you today and forever.
  • What’s your wildest dream? Make a wish and I promise you I’ll move the world to make it come true.
  • The best is yet to come, as long as we are together and we love each other, each birthday will bring more happiness than the previous one.
  • You are my soulmate, I cannot imagine my life without you, so please have many more birthdays!
  • I can’t wait to see you and grab you in my arms for the biggest birthday hug ever.
  • I’ve got a party mood, let’s celebrate your birthday like we are 18 again.
  • Friends and jobs come and go, just like the candles on birthday cakes. But I will be there forever, you can count on me my love.
  • You make even the worst days look like sunshine and a walk at the park. Today is your birthday, so it will be like flying to the moon and back!
  • You mean the world to me honey. I guess you already knew that, but since it’s your birthday I just wanted you to know that I’m utterly in love with you!
  • Suit up my love, it’s time to celebrate your birthday with style. Are you ready to have some fun?
  • My heart is full of fantastic memories with you, I wish your birthday marks another year of love and affection.
  • Hey sweetheart, let’s spend a night that will be forever remembered as the best birthday gift ever.
  • You look even better than I met you, how is this possible? Can it be love? No, you are still gorgeous.
  • Lately, I have been running like crazy. But today I’ve decided to put everything on the side to make time just for you. Let’s make your birthday the most amazing day of your life.
  • I gave you my heart X years ago and you kept it warm and secure, thanks for all the wonderful years we had so far.
  • Let’s celebrate your birthday tonight and have the most romantic dinner of the year.
  • This year I decided to show my love by making your birthday cake by myself. Hope you enjoy my sweet surprise darling.
  • Our passion lives strong and each year it grows even stronger. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Happy birthday sweetie, how would you like to spend this special day? It’s your birthday so it’s up to you, we will do anything you like.
  • I can’t believe this is our X birthday together. I feel like I’m the luckiest person ever, thanks for accepting me for who I am.
  • Though far away, know that my mind is always travelling with you. It hurts that I don’t get to spend your birthday with you, and I wish you come back home soon ’cause I miss you so much.

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