Newborn Baby Wishes
June 22, 2015

Send unique newborn baby wishes to welcome the new babies that just entered this world. A baby is a God sent gift, a true miracle that deserves a proper celebration. The arrival of a newborn baby brings unparallel joy and excitement to parents who feel over blessed with happiness. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of bringing a new life in this world. As a good friend, you want to pass heartfelt newborn baby wishes with unique messages in cards. Some times though, words don’t come out easy and you need a little bit of inspiration to express what you really have in your heart and mind. That’s where we come in, to suggest plenty of ideas for unique newborn baby wishes. Buy a beautiful flower bouquet and choose one of the following warm new baby congratulation messages that will the parents even more happy!

Top Newborn Baby Wishes

  • A new baby has arrived like an angel in your family, bless God for His amazing gift!
  • All the best with the arrival of the newborn baby.
  • Congratulations, you are now mom and dad!
  • Wishing from the bottom of your heart that your newborn baby will be happy and lucky.
  • I’ll always be there for you when you need help with the newborn baby!
  • Congratulations on the latest arrival of the newest family member, you are going to be a lovely family together.
  • All a baby needs is love, I wish it’s surrounded by lots of it!
  • Many kisses to that adorable baby, I’m sure she will grow up to be a beautiful girl just like her mother!
  • Ever since you told me you were pregnant, I couldn’t wait to meet the little prince. It’s finally happening today and I can’t express my feelings for him, I already love my niece like my own child.
  • My baby just had a baby, I’m overwhelmed with joy that I finally have my own grandchildren. Thank you for giving me this precious gift, I’m forever grateful.
  • Babies are the future, and it seems like you have a very bright one in front of you with this newborn baby. Congratulations!
  • Wishing you see your baby grow up to be the person you have imagined him/her to be.
  • Parenthood is a precious gift that is not instantly realized. It takes years until you grasp the full meaning of it. Today you’ve made the first and most important step. Way to go my friend!
  • No matter the circumstances, your newborn baby will be there to give you a funny smile and make everything good. You are so luck, you don’t even know it!
  • 1,000 newborn baby wishes to you and your husband/wife, may God give you even more children so that you have a home full of happy faces.

Unique Newborn Baby Wishes

  • I pray to God that your newborn baby will be blessed with all His blessings.
  • A baby is bringing amazing joy to the parents, may you return this happiness to the newborn baby by giving your full attention and love.
  • Time flies, make sure you enjoy every little moment with the newborn baby before it’s too late!
  • Babies are so cute that you can’t get enough of them. Enjoy these precious moments with your little angel.
  • I’m so happy for both of you, congratulations for this magic moment of being a parent.
  • Countless blessings to the newborn baby and the parents.
  • Wishing for your newborn baby as many happy moments as there are stars.
  • Many wishes for the new baby, love, prosperity to the newest member of your family!
  • A man and a woman become family only when they have children. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the blessings of having your own family.
  • Congratulations on making your wish come true, I’m sure that the newborn baby will be filled with endless amounts of love and affection.
  • You are so lucky to see your family growing ever further. A little brother for your daughter will forever protect her.
  • Having a first child is the most exciting moment of your life because everything is new to you. Don’t be afraid, take courage from your partner and welcome your newborn baby with a warm hug and a soft kiss.

Newborn Baby Wishes for Facebook Posts

Has your friend just gave birth to a beautiful daughter? Or one of your buddies just became a daddy? Go on and post one of these unique newborn baby wishes to his or her Facebook timeline. It will be the most amazing surprise on this special day and will differentiate you from the rest of the classic ways of saying congratulations!

Cute Newborn Baby Wishes

  • A cute baby will be the perfect company for a matching cute parent. Well done!
  • I just want this baby to have everything, is that too much to ask for?
  • I always thought that having a baby is the cutest thing that could ever happen to a person. When I saw your newborn for the first time, I knew I was right!
  • All the angels from heaven, come down and protect this baby, keep it safe and armor it with good health.
  • I wish your newborn baby live long and live life to the fullest.
  • OMG, your baby is too cute to handle, she is so adorable I want to squeeze her!
  • Wishing you see many birthdays of your children and celebrate with them the joy of sharing.

Newborn Baby Wishes

Funny Newborn Baby Wishes

  • Your life is going to change, you must have heard this a million times, but it’s time you actually experience it for yourself!
  • Wait, do I have to call you daddy now? No way dude!
  • Babies grow up so quickly you won’t believe it. Make sure you get a dozen pictures a day!
  • I can’t believe my girlfriend is going to be a mother, how wonderful and how shocking at the same time. Go girl, you rock!
  • You just had a baby. Now comes the hard part. Finding the perfect name for your baby. Good luck with that!
  • You were born to be a parent, now your dream came true. Congratulations!
  • I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new baby.
  • Recent research shows that babies make this world a better place. Thank you for your contribution to a happier planet!
  • I wish this day be once marked as public holiday for the entire nation. At least we will all get something out of your newborn baby!

Did you like our newborn baby wishes? Let us know if you would like to add more wishes for a new baby, we are more than happy to include our reader’s comments and feedback.

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